The Torbay Urban Geology Residency

The project uses the British Geological Survey Sheet 350 as a starting point for artistic research into the science of geology, communities and environment in Torbay. There is a focus on the biota of Torbay and how that has changed over time (both geological time and every-day time) and how humans, as part of the current biota, have come to occupy Torbay. The work seeks to collapse time, making visible relationships and patterns that are otherwise hidden.

Its not about the world of the screen its about the geo-spacial, a physical world, the world in which we live, away from the screen.


In this project David  will be locating public artworks along the five meter contour, ie five meters above mean sea level, which is around two meters above high tide.




The mystique and magic of geology lies in the discord between the every-day, almost valueless pebbles and rock upon which we walk and the vast eons through which they have traveled, and from which they were born.