Smooth Space artist David Harbott will be painting artworks that depict nearly extinct (or extirpated) birds from around the world on the ground outside the Scott Building, Plymouth University campus map here. All birds portrayed are listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Thanks to the IUCN we can watch as thousands of species are wiped out by human actions. The artworks elude to unfamiliar forms, briefly visiting our thoughts before they are (or may be) gone for good. Smooth Space is the collective name for artists/producers David Harbott and Kate Paxman and was founded in 2011. We develop residencies in public spaces, initiating collaborations with a range of partners, to invite new thinking about our changing world.

inspired by the science of Geology
BGS 350 Public Art

The term 'climate change' is detached from physical effects; things change, so what? Two of the many tangible consequences of climate change are sea level rise and mass extinction, more properly called mass extirpation, because extinction implies the possible absence of human agency.
Drawings of critically endangered birds have been made at three locations in Torbay, 24 species in all. The artworks were designed to last four to six weeks, so now it is likely there is little left to see. This map shows where they are/were located. You comment on the birds and art on this site ...